I’m Megan Jo

I'm a Certified Coach, Leadership Trainer, Musician, Mother, and founder of Rockstar Camp for Women

I work with Women who deeply desire to be active participants in creating a more joyful, sane, and equitable world.

I’ve worked with these women for 20 years. They are Coaches, Teachers and Healers. They are modern Medicine Women who want nothing more than to share their wisdom - their training - with a world that is desperate for healing.


And while most Women know the tactics in their heads and on paper, the act of stepping out, speaking up, and claiming space as an expert feels utterly. Viscerally. Terrifying.

I wondered; what would happen if I gave a Woman an experience of being seen and heard that was thrilling, somatic, playful and lasting?

From this desire, I launched the experiment that is now known as Rockstar Camp for Women.

Over and over I have circled up with Women to give them spaces to feel into their bodies, their genius, their vast emotional rage—and to experiment with and approve of all of it.
Every drop. In the presence of other Women.
This is the heart of everything I do.
And the results have been... astounding.

These women have written books, launched podcasts, designed courses and doubled their rates. One Woman moved to Spain and had a baby. Another now sings in a jazz lounge in NYC.

Cultivating confidence is not an exercise of thinking better thoughts or aiming to improve yourself.

You cannot think yourself into more confidence and you will always be operating from a space of shame if improvement is the goal.

This is an exercise that must include your body, your nervous system, and your spirit. And it must be done in a community of Women who are un-learning right along with you.

I know this because I live it. Day by day. Week by week. Year by year.

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The unraveling cannot be done in isolation.

But it can be done.

I promise.

xoxo MJ


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I am committed to creating safe, and engaging spaces for all Women. Racism, homophobia, transphobia, body shaming, and misogyny will not be tolerated or ignored. If any of this makes you think twice, this space is not for you!

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