Pulled by Vision

Do you want to be pushed by pain or pulled by vision? Our birthright of imagination, intuition and vision is a powerful and often under-utilized tool in moving towards a life we know on a soul-level is waiting for us.

Through guided visualizations we will dissolve old paradigms and create new energies to support a life where:

Financially: You  joyfully move your money in alignment with your values.
Creatively: You unapologetically express your unique brilliance at all times.
Physically: Your body energetically sustains you at home and at work.
Mentally: You have a conscious relationship with your ever-shifting thoughts.
Spiritually: You experience your journey with deep purpose and faith.

Dates to be determined in 2018


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Leading a visioning exercise at my week-long Island Leadership Intensive…

A vision I myself held in faith for over 3 years!