Schelli's Rockstar Camp Story

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Where do you live and what kind of work do you do?

I live in Raleigh, NC USA

I am an equine inspired coach who also teaches other equine inspired practitioners how to reach more clients so they can feed their horses while they change the world!

What pisses you off?

Mainstream liars. People, products, services and apps that don’t do what they say they do!

What delights and inspires you?

Nature, Animals, Innocence, Beauty, The Universe, Quantum Physics, Music, Courage, Ordinary people doing extraordinary things!

What in particular made you feel like being a part of Rockstar Camp was a good idea at this time in your life?

I used to have a ‘rock n’ roll’ personality and fearlessness toward new experiences. I turned off a large portion of that aspect of myself when I became a wife and mother. No fault or blame, it was what I believed I was supposed to do in order have a happy family. I assumed that once my kids were grown that aspect of my self would return. 25 years is a loooong time and I had forgotten about that part of my swagger I had stuffed in the closet. When I learned about Rockstar Camp the closet door blew off and there was no denying I was going to do this!!

What three words would you use to describe the way you felt before Rockstar Camp?

Self-conscious. Terrified. Embarrassed.

Three words for after?

Confident. Connected. Electrified.

Three words when you saw the photos and videos of yourself on stage?

Beautiful. Real. Emotional.

What has been the lasting impact from your experience in Rockstar Camp?

Rockstar camp connected me to the courage and voice to express myself. The experience proved to me that if I’m not perfect, I’m not going to die. I don’t need everyone to like me or agree with me. I now have the courage to just be real and honest with my passion. I am more attuned to my own personal integrity.

What was the conversation you were having with yourself as you were approaching the concert?


…maybe I’ll get sick with the flu or laryngitis and won’t have to do it.

…everyone else is brave.

…people will think I’ve lost my mind.

…this is so self-indulgent.

…what if I make a total fool of myself.

…blah, blah, blah, wah, wah, wah…

What was it like to be a part of the 2-month process that prepared you for the concert?

I was grateful to get to know the other Rockstar women and learn that they were just regular people too!

I was surprised by things I learned about myself, like patterns of behavior that had been holding me back from actually receiving what I say I want for myself!

The exercises and homework were well planned for building a foundation for when we came together in person.

What was the edgiest or most uncomfortable part of the experience for you?

In hindsight, it was actually making the commitment to do the program and then telling my husband about it!

What was the most fun and fulfilling?

Wow – all of it! I feel like time stood still and we transported to another space and time once we came together as a group. Our workshop time (pre and post-performance), rehearsal and the actual performance opened a portal of possibilities waaaaay beyond my initial expectations.

One (of many) of the most fulfilling experiences was being onstage and letting go of needing to be ‘good’ and connecting with the audience, the band and Megan Jo. I completely forgot to care what other people might think about me (including my husband who was in the audience!) and for a little while, I was free.

At what point in the experience did you feel most beautiful and connected to yourself?

Immediately after the performance, before I left the stage, I felt a rush of joy and appreciation for myself that I don’t know I’d ever experienced before.

What would you say to the women who are considering Rockstar Camp?


~ with a swing in your hips and love on your lips ~

~ all for yourself ~

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Megan Wilson