Jessica's Rockstar Camp Story

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Where do you live and what kind of work do you do?

I am a global nomad based in the Caribbean islands. I have built my own business helping people discover all of the unique flavours to each island & driving business to my clients. My mission is to serve and restore dignity amongst humanity & planet.

What pisses you off?


What delights and inspires you?

Celebration of people, places, nature and culture. Growth. Connection. Contribution.

What have been the biggest challenges for you as a women?

When I first started my business in my late 20’s the majority of my clients were men, every meeting started with a sexual proposition before I could be witnessed as a powerful woman offering a service of value beyond sex.

What was going on in your life when you said “yes” to rockstar camp?

I was receiving invitations to contribute as a leader in groups for change and I recognized that I needed to claim my voice. I was invited to the table to contribute, but I was terrified of voicing my opinion, desires or truth.

how did you feel before rockstar camp?

Terrified. Overwhelmed. Shy.

how did you feel after?

Celebratory. Witnessed. Embodied.

what did you see when you saw the photos of yourself on stage?

GORGEOUS. Revealed. Powerful.

What has been the most powerful shift from your experience in Rockstar Camp?

I am claiming my unapologetic self in all its flavours.

What was it like to be a part of the 2-month process that prepared you for the concert?

Sisterhood. Connection. Growth. Support.

What was it like for you in the moments before getting on stage to sing?

“god dam diggity I cant do this”…. Breathe, “remember this is for YOU, find my pleasure in my vulnerability and share it with the world”

What was the edgiest part of the experience for you?

Dressing up, exploring with how I wanted to show up visually, what would the Goddess in me like to share with others, can I truly be seen?

What was the most fun and fulfilling?

Being held and being treated like a Rockstar Goddess, from hair to make up to photos to being introduced on stage and finding pleasure in the song, the dance & the celebration.

Witnessing the sisterhood shine, each woman in her own unique beauty.

what was one of your favorite moments with yourself.

Being on stage.

What would you say to the women who are considering Rockstar Camp?

Do it!. I have done so much ‘growth work’ but this is embodiment and reconnecting to yourself at a primal celebratory birth level right. A fast track to the woman and all of the beauty you are.

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