Evy's Rockstar Camp Story

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Where do you live and what kind of work do you do?

Barcelona, Leadership Development, Personal Transformation

What pisses you off?

Inequality, closed-mindedness, when we can’t see that all of humanity is connected and when one person or group of people suffers we all do

What delights and inspires you?

We are living in crazy turbulent times but actually I’m inspired by those people I see every day who are called to action, like those teenagers who survived the Parkland shooting and went on to become Political activists and the increase in diverse and female leadership we are now seeing in US congress. My fiancé also really inspires me every day. He is someone who, in the face of extreme adversity, never falters and is incredibly creative and just a joyful spirit- I’m a very lucky girl!

What are the biggest challenges that have faced you as a Woman?

Like most women, I have faced sexual harassment on the street and in the workplace, I have had my drink spiked (luckily, I escaped unharmed) and have walked home with my keys between my fingers.

But in the main, my challenges have been in the workplace. Unfortunately, a lot of older men (not all but a lot) tend to be intimidated and threatened by younger, intelligent women with lots of ideas and (gasp) opinions. I’ve had to deal with being man-splained to A LOT. I would have male colleagues telling me all about a company I had spent 7 years at that they had never worked at but thought they knew everything about. And explaining basic psychology principles to me, when I have 3 degrees in Psychology and they had never taken a psychology class in their life. When I see it happening to other female colleagues, I am compelled to call it out. But for myself, I end up being super polite about it but really in those moments I just wanted to scream. Oh also, male colleagues talking over you, taking your ideas and claiming credit for them, getting paid more and getting better opportunities- you know, the usual...

What in particular made you feel like being a part of Rockstar Camp was a good idea at this time in your life?

I didn’t really ever think about whether it was a good idea or not to be honest, I just knew I was going to do it. In fact, I had decided I wanted to do something like this already (it was one of my new year resolutions) and then Megan Jo told me she was doing Rock star camp- weird universe stuff.

What three words would you use to describe the way you felt before Rockstar Camp?

Unsure, wanting to hide, afraid

Three words for after?

Calmer, at peace, radical self-acceptance

Three words when you saw the photos and videos of yourself on stage?

Proud, part of something bigger, ready to do more

What has been the lasting impact from your experience in Rockstar Camp?

It’s still work in progress but the lasting impact is realizing how much power I do have when I speak my truth, knowing that when you speak truth to power not everyone is going to be ready or willing or like to hear that but ultimately being at peace with that.

What was the conversation you were having with yourself as you were approaching the concert?

Oh god, I was thinking ‘I’m 20lbs overweight why am I doing this?’, ‘I can’t sing’, ‘I’m going to be over powered by the band, cos my voice is only little’. Honestly, I really nearly chickened out until we were actually there. When I was actually there I became really calm. Right before the show I was weirdly super calm.

What was it like to be a part of the 2-month process that prepared you for the concert?

I didn’t realize how transformative that would be actually, it was amazing to be part of a group and still part of that group that want the best for one another.

What was the edgiest or most uncomfortable part of the experience for you?

The days following the concert- of course Megan Jo knew this but I had no idea what the internal ‘re-bound’ effect would be after the show. It was like ‘Who the hell do you think you think you are?’ resounding in my head and a massive sense of regret and embarrassment which I soon overcame but was interesting to explore why and where that comes from.

What was the most fun and fulfilling?

Dressing up and dancing! The actual performance was the most fun, both watching my fellow Rockstars perform and being very moved and also performing myself. Having 3 minutes when I had given myself permission to not give a shit about anything other than having fun. It’s a good life lesson!

At what point in the experience did you feel most beautiful and connected to yourself?

I had to think about this. I think for me the whole experience and indeed the whole experience of life is a battle between different versions of myself. This experience just enabled me to get really clear on what different aspects of myself where saying and then being able to consciously dial up the one that knows I am beautiful. So, I think it was there throughout but got stronger.

What would you say to the women who are considering Rockstar Camp?

Don’t think about it too much, just do it!

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