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The Challenge of Choosing Fulfillment

Make no mistake. Choosing a life of fulfillment is not always the easy path. Fulfillment is not just about happiness or ease or success, although it can often include those qualities. It IS about aliveness, engagement and a sense of living on purpose. Sometimes it will take tremendous courage to choose activities or even ways of being that bring us a sense of fulfillment.

On my daughter’s third birthday, an article (read it by HERE) was published about my life as a single mother – Coach, Musician, and creative entrepreneur through a website called - a site created “by solo moms for solo moms.” It was somewhat confronting to read this deeply personal article, knowing that it would forever be available in the public forum and that therefor, anyone could read it. I was incredibly moved when I started hearing and seeing so many positive comments… “thank you for sharing”, “what an inspiration you are!” “you are so cool.” It was incredibly reaffirming, I’m not gonna lie.

It’s true, I am proud of my work as a Coach and Musician. It’s true, I feel good about being a role model for my child as a smart woman who makes a living doing a positive difference in the world (and having a damn good time doing it!). But as I sit here in my hotel bedroom on day 1 of a 3-day Coaching Course, I just wanna be with my baby. And I know she’s missing me too. And there is a part of me that is sick about it and doubts that I am doing the right thing and just wants to be in two different places at the same time.

I am on purpose. And it is not easy.

What tough choices have you had to make to create a life, a year, a week of fulfillment?

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