My latest EP “Tin” is finally HERE! Click on the link to order your digital or hard-copy version of these 5 songs I wrote to uplift your spirit and make your head bop.

And, my 19-piece big band The Fogcutters just released “Flotsam” – a studio record that beautifully captures our original compositions. Listen to, and purchase “Flotsam” by clicking HERE  

My first album, “Seed, Stars, Galaxies”, recorded in 2004 is a little bit of folk and country. You can find it by clicking HERE 

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As a Coach and Consultant, my experience as a professional musician – as one who is committed to creative expression – helps me to see your particular creative genius, and to support it unconditionally whether one-on-one or “on stage” teaching and training.

My song, “I Just Wanna Sing” describes the deep desire we all have to commit to the things that fill us up and make a positive difference. Coaching will help you get more of those things you want, need and desire.

We all have a song we were born to sing.


Some highlights of my musical journey:

-Mom sends me to my room at age 4. I sing a loud song of lament out of my window and a small crowd of neighborhood kids and parents gather. My first audience.

-I visit my father who lives in another city at age 8 and discover Stevie Wonder’s record “Hotter Than July”. I dance to it over and over in the living room until I am damp with sweat.

-I write my first song at age 10. A love song entitled “You Saved Me.”

-8th grade: Mr. Boffa tells me, “You’ve got to use your gift. If you don’t, it’s like folding a winning hand in poker.” I’ve never played poker but I turn to this wisdom every time I want to give up.

-I attend an open mic at Free Street Taverna and fantasize about being up there on that stage – a platform 6 inches off the filthy floor.

-My stepfather says it’s okay to pursue music if I’m comfortable with being a starving artist.

-I hear Joni Mitchell and decide I’m willing to be a starving artist if I can ever hope to write songs like that.

-I try to write songs like that and am frustrated to find that this does not work.

-I have bronchitis on the day I’m scheduled to perform on local television. Then my bass player cancels an hour before we’re supposed to go on. After my terrible performance, the host asks me what I want to do with my music and I freeze on camera.

-I raise $4,000 in contribution money to produce my first record “Seed, Stars, Galaxies.” I’m so nervous at the CD release show (at The Big Easy night club) that all I can do is deep-breathe back stage.

-I join at least a dozen bands. None of us are obsessed with fame. We are interested in making music and loving each other. All of the bands fall apart.

-At the last minute, I’m asked to fill-in to sing “Pressing On” at Merrill Auditorium with a full Gospel Choir behind me. The woman who can’t sing tells me, “You just sing to the Lord and you will blow your own mind.” A peak experience.

-I raise $3,000 through Kickstarter for a 7-song R&B EP. I blow through the money and go into debt within a matter of months and still I am not satisfied with the outcome. “I am all washed-up.”

-I have a baby and sing to her and write songs for her and find a new and deep gratitude for the gift of my singing voice.

-I realize that Joni would never say she was “washed up” at age 37. I find a new producer, join an 18-piece Big Band and start writing again.

-I release my EP “Tin” in November 2016 and celebrate with the party of my dreams in January 2017.